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I needed to know if you could tell me if I have identified the proper tense and verb of my sentences? I am not asking for the answer, just if it is correct or incorrect. The verb is in quotations and tense form in parenthesis. Thank you very much your response is greatly appreciated.

The role of education "will play"(simple future tense) a crucial part of effective cash management. Effective cash management "is important" (present tense) for successful financial planning. I "have completed" (present perfect tense) basic math skills, which aid in counting money and balancing my checkbook. I "calculated" (past tense) my cash inflow and outflow. I "am improving" (present progressive tense) my math skills to aid my success in financial planning.

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    Excellent!! We've seen many posts with this assignment, but you're the first person to actually show his/her work!

    The only error is in the second verb. "Important" is an adjective, and not part of the verb, which is "is."

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    Thank you very much for your immediate response!

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    You're very welcome.

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