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x + 2y ---> products is first order in c and 2nd order in y. what are the units of K, the specific rate constant, if the reaction rate is expressed in units of moles per liter per sec.

I know the answer is M.s^-1^
but I don't understand this concept. could you explain to me how to write this expression given any order?

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    I suppose you could work the 2-4 combinations out and memorize them; however, it's relatively easy to do one. For example, for the rate = k(x)^1(y)^2 for a third order reaction, you have
    k = rate/(x)^1(y)^2 =
    rate is M/t where M is molar and t is time.
    Tben k = (M/t)/(M)(M)2
    k = (M/t)/(M)(M)(M)
    k = (M/t)*(1/M^3)
    k = M on top cancels.
    That leaves 1 on top and M^2 and t on the bottom or 1/M^2*t which often is written as M^-2*time^-1.

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