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Physics I'm so Lost!!

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For a scene in a movie, a stunt driver drives a 1.90 103 kg pickup truck with a length of 4.09 m around a circular curve with a radius of curvature of 0.333 km. The truck is to curve off the road, jump across a gully 10.0 m wide, and land on the other side 2.96 m below the initial side. What is the minimum centripetal acceleration the truck must have in going around the circular curve to clear the gully and land on the other side?

  • Physics I'm so Lost!! -

    well, you need the initial vertical velocity approaching the ditch.

    over the ditch, one drops 2.96m. How long does it take to fall that distance?
    2.96=1/2 g t^2 or t= sqrt(2*2.96/9.8)=.9455 sec check that.

    so, to get across the ditch in this time, velocity= 10m/.9455=10.575m/s

    centripetal acceleration= v^2/r

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