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child care

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hello i need someone to check these for me?

6) alcohol,drugs,radiation,and pollutants that affect a child development are called

b.toxic inhibitors
c.tranferal agents.

10) monstrates an inability to leap over a barrier, his teacher checks to see if he has masterd the skills of jumping down from a height and jumping for distance. In doing this, the teacher is

a. applying a development perspective.
b. measuring the child's confidence level.
c.having a negative effect on the child's self-esteem
d. sequencing motor change.

12) what are the 3 main factors in a readiness model?

a.maturation, learning, and motivation
b.height, weight, and age
c. psychological, social and physical.
d. age, intelligence, and agility

16) at the sensorimotor level of cognitive dev elopment, a child

a.can move her arms,legs,and headd, but cant move her body over distance.
b.can achieve short bursts of speed and strength but cant sustain them.
c.depends mostly on visual cues from adults for information about the environment.
d.learns through movement by interacting with the environment.

20) fats should not account for more than ___ percent of total daily calories.


my answers are
10 a
12 a
16 d

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