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please I need help to check if my sentence or paragraph correct with five adjectives and five adverbs. I also need to compare the event to similar by using at least three comparatives and three superatives.

I recently watched a "lovely old movie called "The Perils of Pauline" which is an adventurous comedy about a young and beautiful girl named Pauline who lives with her old spinster Aunt on a large estate.
Pauline is in love with a tall and handsome young man named George who inspires Pauline to "fearlessly" run away from home to avoid marring a wealthy and "incredibly" fat banker that her old Aunt has "mercilessly" selected for her.
Pauline "courageously" escapes from her bedroom window on a winter night only to fall into the dangers of the world. When George realize what pauline has done, he follows her trail around the world in other to rescue her from the adventures and troubles tha she is pulled into by people who are not as naive and trusting as pauline.
It seems that when George realize where Pauline is, she disappear quickly again to find herself in another coutry and completely mixed up with criminals and or trouble.
The ending, however, is a happy and romatic one. George finally reaches his true love and they get married. Pauline Aunt also comes to regret her actions and invite George to live with them. The last scene of the charming couple leaving on their honeymoon.

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    Please list the


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    Be sure you remove all quotation marks. All of them.

    Movie titles should be in italics, not in quotation marks.

    Once you have listed which words fit which category, as Ms. Sue asked above, please repost.

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