February 25, 2017

Homework Help: Word Problem - Check Answer (geometric Seq)

Posted by Robo123 on Saturday, December 11, 2010 at 3:04pm.

1) Suppose five people are ill during the first week of an epidemic and that each person who is ill spreads the disease to four people by the end of the next week. By the end of the tenth week of the epidemic, how many people have been effected by the illness?

A - 1477625
b - 1310720
c - 200
d - 1747625
I choose D.

2) a women made $20,000 during the first year of her new job. Each year she received a 10% raise. Find her total earnings during the first eight years on the job.

a - 189743.43
b - 229189.35
c - 271589.54
d - 228717.76
I choose D.

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