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Find the domain for the function

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    I will assume you meant
    f(x) = -2x^2 /(-x^2 - 6x - 27)
    = 2x^2/(x^2 + 6x + 27)

    Are you sure you typed the signs correctly?
    It would be nice if the -27 had been +27, or the - in front of x^2 would not be there.

    If it is correct,
    since x^2 + 6x + 27 = 0 has no real roots, the domain would be the set of all real numbers.

    if you meant:
    f(x)= (-2x^(2)÷-x^(2))-6x-27 , then the domain is the set of real numbers except x ≠ 0

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