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Posted by rfvv on Saturday, December 11, 2010 at 5:35am.

1. Mother told me, "Not to take a long nap."

2. Mother told me,"Don't take a long nap."

(I think #2 is right? What about #1?)

3. Every time I have to read out loud, I get so nervous.

4. Each time I have to read out loud, I get so nervous.

5. Whenever I have to read out loud, I get so nervous.

6. When I have to read out loud, I always get so nervous.

(Are the four sentences all the same?)

7. Please be on time.
8. Please you be on time.

(#7 is right? How about #2? Can we say like that as in #8?)

9. How many a's does the word have?

10. How many as does the word have?

11. How many 'a's' does the word have?

(Among #9 and #11, is #9 only right? Can we have another usage for writing the plural form of the alphaber a?)

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