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Posted by Cliff on Friday, December 10, 2010 at 5:37pm.

Hi,may I have your help?
I have posted a titration question that I'm trying to solve. The correct answer to the problem is 0.128 M, however,I have arrived at the answer: 0.000128 M. Here's the question:

If 38.30 mL of 0.250 M NaOH is used to titrate 25.0 mL of phosphoric acid,what is the molarity of the acid? The balanced equation is

H3PO4(aq)+3 NaOH(aq)--- Na3PO4(aq)+3H2O (l).

Here's how I've tried to solve for the answer:
38.3 mL solution * (0.250 mol NaOH/1000 mL)(1 mol H3PO4/3 mol NaOH)= 3.19 moles H3PO4

(3.19 mol H3PO4/25.0 mL solution)(1L\1000 mL)= 1.276*10^-4
=0.000128 M

I appreciate your help.

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