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A.)the moles Na3PO4 required to react with 2.03 L of 0.891 M Ca(NO3)2

B.)the grams of Ca3(PO4)2 that can be obtained from 136 mL of 0.627 M Ca(NO3)2

C.)the volume of 0.76 M Na3PO4 needed to react with 25 mL of 0.79 M Ca3(NO3)2

D.) the molarity (M) of the Ca(NO3)2 solution when 48.6 mL react with 52.8 mL of 4.1 M Na3PO4

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    What is it that you are having trouble with.

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    the whole problem im not sure what i have to do that's the reason why i posted this question on this website so someone can help me.

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