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OK I just need help with two final problems that I am stuck on:

The problem states the calcium carbonate in limestone reacts with HCl to produce a calcium chloride solution and carbon dioxide gas

1)Find how many moles of CO2 form when 12.5mL of 3.00 M HCl react?

2)What is the molarity of a HCl solution if the reaction of 205 mL of the HCl sloution with excess CaCO3 produces 13.5 L of CO2 gas at 725 mmHg and 18 degrees C?

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    Just two stoichiometry problems.
    1. Write equation and balance it. Done.
    2. Convert 12.5 mL of 3.00 M HCl to moles. moles = M x L.
    3. Using the coefficients in the balanced equation, convert moles HCl to moles CO2.

    #2. Use PV = nRT to solve for n = number of moles CO2.
    Convert moles CO2 to moles HCl.
    M HCl = molew HCl/L HCl.

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    1 2 3

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