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A light string, connects blocks 1 and 2 of masses m1 and m2. These blocks are further connected to a block of mass M by another light string that passes over a pulley of negligible mass and friction. Blocks 1 and 2 move with a constant velocity v down the inclined plane, which makes an angle  with the horizontal. The kinetic frictional force on block 1 is f and that on block 2 is 2f.

Express your answers to each of the following in terms of m1, m2, g, , and f.
(b) Determine the coefficient of kinetic friction between the inclined plane and block 1.

(c) Determine the value of the suspended mass M that allows 1 and 2 to move with constant velocity down the plane.

(d) The string between blocks 1 and 2 is now cut. Determine the acceleration of block 1 while it is on the inclined plane.

Actual link if you would like to see the figure:

apcentral . collegeboard . c o m / apc / members / repository / physics _ b _ 0 0 . pdf

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