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chemistry need help plzzz tomorrow is a TEST!!!

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phosphoric acid is the active ingredient in many commercial rust-removing solution.calculate the volume of concentrated phosphoric acid (14.6 mol/L)that must be diluted to prepare 500mL of a 1.25 mol/L solution.

how can i calulate the volume cocentration for this question.... can someone show it to me, step by step plzzzz.... the answer for this question is 42.8 mL ( i looked up in my text book)...thank u :)

  • chemistry need help plzzz tomorrow is a TEST!!! -

    YOu are diluting it 14.6/1.25 times, or 11.68 times. That means one part conc acid, 10.68 part water.

    YOu want 500ml. What is one part? 500ml/11.68= 42.8ml, the rest water.

    There are other more complicated ways to work this.

    Just remember, if you are diluting somthing N times, that means 1 part original, and N-1 parts water.

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