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I need help with this problem please

Calculate the amount of reagents you take to prepare 200 g of 9.0% (m/m) glucose solution? I already found the mass of the glucose which was part one and got 18.0 g of glucose. Now they want the mass of water and I am stuck.

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    9.0% w/w, means 9.0 g glucose per 100 g solution.If we want to prepare 200 g of solution, it must mean we need twice that g glucose or 9.0 x (200g soln/100 g soln) = 18.0 g glucose.
    If the total mass of the solution is 200 g and the mass of the glucose is 18.0 g, the how much is the mass of the solvent>
    mass soln total = mass solvent + mass solute.
    200 = mass solvent + 18.0
    mas solute = ....

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    Thank you i minused 18.0 from both sides to get 182g of water

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