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bought a jumbo box of candy. by the time i got home kids ate 1/4 of candy. Put groceries away and another 1/2 of what was left was eaten. Before dinner ate another 1/6 of what was left. Now there are 10 candies left. How many chocolates were in the box to begin with.

  • word problem -

    Full box = X Candy Bars,

    X - X/4 = 3X/4 Candy bars left,

    (1/2)(3X/4) = 3X/8 Candy bars left,

    (1/6)(3X/8) = 3X/48 = X/16 Candy bars left,

    X/16 = 10 Candy bars,
    Multiply both sides by 16:

    X = 160 Candy bars to begin with.

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