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When a 1.350g sample of element X is heated in a stream of chlorine gas 6.67g of XCl3 are formed.1.) What(write) is a balance equation for the reaction using 'X' for the element? 2.) Calculate the atomic weight of X. 3.)What mass of X is left unreacted? 4.)When 1.00 grams of X react with excess Cl2 4.27 grams of XCL3 are formed.What is the % yield for this experiment?

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    2X + 3Cl2 ==> 2XCl3
    mass Cl2 combined must be 6.67-1.35 = 5.29g

    Then I would convert grams to moles. moles = grams/molar mass.

    Cl2 = 5.29/35.44 = 0.1501
    X = 1.350/molarmass = ??
    If the formula in the problem is given as XCl3, we know then that ??moles x must be 0.15/3 = 0.05
    Now, 1.35/molar mass = 0.05 and solve for molar mass. I get 26.97 but I've estimated here and there and you should do it more accurately. For the last part, 1.00 g X = 1.00/26.98 = 0.0371. Convert to moles XCl3 and that will be 0.0371 x (2 moles XCl3/2 moles X) = 0.0371 moles XCl3. Now convert to grams.
    g = moles x molar mass = 0.0371 x 133.34 = 4.94 g.This is the theoretical yield.
    %yield = (actual yield/theoretical yield)*100 = ??

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