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7th grade

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what were the steps on mendels experiments with pea plants?

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    1) Mendel allowed each variety of pea plants to self-pollinate, or self-fertilize, for several generations. This ensured each variety was true-breeding for the trait (which means all offspring will have only one form of the trait). An example: all true-breeding purple pea plants should only produce purple offspring. This step created the parental generation of his experiment, called the P generation (the first two individuals crossed in a breeding experiment).

    2) Mendel then cross-pollinated two P gen plants that were different in forms of a trait. In this case, he crossed a true-breeding purple pea plant with a true-breeding white one. The offspring were called the F1, or first filial, generation. He examined these plants, and recorded the number of plants expressing each trait.

    3) Mendel's last step was just letting the F1 generation self-pollinate. His offspring were collectively called the second filial (F2) generation. Again, each F2 plant was examined and counted.

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    what is the area of a figure using pi

  • 7th grade math - ,

    what is the area of a figure using pi my teacher is Mrs. shimmer

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