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How to find the molarity of NaOH when the given is 0.1803 grams of KHPg/mol molecular w. of KHP is 204.2 9.7 ml NaOH

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    KHP or potassium hydrogen phthalate is a monoprotic acid used as a primary standard.


    KHP + NaOH -> KNaP + H2O

    if 0.1803 g of KHP has been used, this is

    0.1803 g/204.2 g mol^-1
    =8.829 x 10^-1 mole

    which reacts with the same number of moles of NaOH

    so concentration of NaOH is

    8.829 x 10^-1 mole /0.0097 L
    =0.091 M

    only 2 sig figs justified here as only 2 sig figs in volume of NaOH, even though mass and molar mass of KHP are given to 4 sig figs.

    Check my maths.

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