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Can anyone help with the following problem please...Thank u so much

Let f(x) =|9x|. For the area above the x-axis and between the lines x= -9 and x=18

a. draw and label a sketch with
the area shaded

b. find the area of the region in
the xy-plane under the graph
of f(x)

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    For this kind of problem, it is always desirable to make a sketch within the limits of the domain, from x=-9 to 18.

    Using the formula for the area of a triangle as:
    Area = (1/2)base*height
    You can find the areas of the two triangles between the function and the x-axis.

    If you need further help, don't hesitate to post.

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    Amy, please check to see if your question has been answered before posting the same question again.

    you asked the same question with only a small change yesterday,

    MathMate has gone to some length to answer it again, even creating a picture for you.

    make a note of your post by jotting down the time of the first posting, even though it moves off the page, it is then rather easy to find

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    Thank you for your help

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