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Search: a 1.0 kg mass weighs 9.8 n on earths surface and the radius of the earth is roughly 6.4x10 to the 6 m. what is the mass of the earth and the average density of Earth

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    use the formula F=(G(m1)(m2))/r^2

    G=universal gravitational constant=
    6.67x10^-11 N m^2/kg^2

    F=9.8 N (given)

    m1=1.0 kg (given)

    m2=mass of earth (variable)

    r=6.4x10^6 m (given)

    9.8 N=((6.67x10^-11 N m^2/kg^2)(1.0 kg)(m2))/(6.4x10^6 m)

    x=6.02x10^24 kg

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