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Hydrochloric acid reacts with Magnesium to form Magnesium Chloride and Hydrogen gas. deltaH= -442kJ

If 15mL of 1.0M HCl reacts with .3g of Mg, how many L of H2 are produced? How much heat is produced?

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    balance the equation

    Mg+ 2HCl>> MgCl2 +H2 deltaH= -442kJ/mole

    so the question is, what is number of moles of Mg reacting?

    Determine the moles of each reactant
    HCL=1M*.015 moles

    Do you have 2 times the moles of HCl as Mg? If so, Mg is the limiting reactant, if not, HCl is the limiting reactant.

    In either case, you must determine how many moles of Mg reacts.

    Heat= Hr*molesMg

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