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Posted by Jim on Wednesday, December 8, 2010 at 12:19am.

Two straight and parallel wires of length 1.0 m carry a current - the first carries a currecnt of 9.0 A while the other wire carries a current of 4.0 A. What distance must separate the two straight and parallel copper wires if the force between them is to be 6.0 x 10-6 N?

My Answer:
Magnetic field created by the second wire:
Fm = IlBsinθ
6*10-6= (4)(1)Bsin(90)
6*10-6= (4)B
B =6*10-6/4
B=1.5*10-6 T

This means the first wire will be in a magnetic field of 1.5*10-6 T.

First wire:
B=μ I / 2π r
r= μ I / 2πB
r=(4π*10-7)(9)/ 2π(1.5*10-6)
r= (1.130973355*10-5)/(9.424777961*10-6)

The wires must be separated a distance of 1.2m.

Is this correct? thanks for your help.

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