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Losing your bags during airline travel is not all that uncommon. Recently, an airline was sited for losing customers' baggage 8% of the time.

A test is conducted by randomly selecting 14 customers for that airline and observing whether they had lost their baggage. Provide answers to at least 6 decimal places for the following:

(a) The probability that exactly 2 customers lost baggage is .

(b) The probability that at least 12 customers lost baggage is

  • Math -

    prob of losing = 8/100 = 2/25
    prob of not losing it = 23/25

    prob(2 out of 14losing it) = C(14,2) (2/25)^2 (23/25)^12 = appr .214

    b) prob (at least 12)
    = Prob(12) + prob(13) + prob(14)
    = C(14,12) (2/25)^12 (23/25)^2 + .....

  • Math -

    I do not understand the second part how do i get the second part?

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    Doesn't the second part yield a value greater than 1? Isn't probability always supposed to equal 1?

  • Math -

    i have no clue honestly i tried doing the second part B and i do not get it?

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