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MATH urgent!!!

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My problem:
From 1992 to 1996, the annual income for all the private golf courses in the United States can be approximated by the model: I=59t^2+2254, where I is the annual income in millions of dollars and t is the year, with t=0 corresponding to 1990.
1. In which year did the annual income increase to more than $3,000,000?
2. In which year did the annual income increase to more than $4,000,000?
3. Predict the year in which the annual income will increase to more than $5,500,000.
4. In which year was the annual income $2,254,000?

Thanks for helping! In class right not we are learning quadratic formulas so i think your supposed to use that. Please show as much work as you can. thank you :)

  • MATH urgent!!! -

    I think you either have part of the formula incoreent or some faulty data

    59t^2 + 2254 > 3000000
    59t^2 > 2 997 746
    t^2 > 50 809.25
    t > 225 , It would take 225 years??

    also in terms of 1990 , t=0, the income would be
    2254 million, so how can you just ask for 3 million?

    Once you have established the correct equation, just plug in the matching values of a, b, and c into the formula.

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