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5. A truck is travelling at a constant velocity of 16.7 m/s. A pumpkin is shot vertically (at a 90o angle to the ground)at a velocity of 120. m/s from the bed of a this pickup truck. The bed of the pickup truck is one meter high (from the ground). Complete the following questions assuming that the air resistance is negligible.

a) Draw the initial velocity vector vi of the pumpkin with the vix and viy also shown.

b) Plot the x and y components of velocity (vx and vy ) versus time for the pumpkin.

c) What time will the pumpkin take to reach its maximum height?

d) What is the maximum height of the pumpkin's trajectory (from the ground) ?

e) How far does the truck travel before the pumpkin lands back in it's bed?

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    We do not do plots and graphs.

    To quote one of our very good math and science tutors: “You will find here at Jiskha that long series of questions, posted with no evidence of effort or thought by the person posting, will not be answered. We will gladly respond to your future questions in which your thoughts are included.”

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