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The A string of a violin is 31 cm long between fixed points with a fundamental frequency of 440 Hz and a mass per unit length of 5.8×10^−4 kg/m.

What are the wave speed in the string?

What are the tension in the string?

What is the length of the tube of a simple wind instrument (say, an organ pipe) closed at one end whose fundamental is also 440 Hz if the speed of sound is 343 m/s in air?

What is the frequency of the first overtone of each instrument?

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    The wavelength is twice the string length, or 0.62 m.
    The frequency is 440 Hz.
    The wave speed must be the product of the3 two, or 268.40 m/s.

    Get the tension T from the formula

    Wave speed = sqrt (T/5.84*10^-4 kg/m)

    The tension will be in Newtons

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    Thank you, do you know how to get the other 2 answers?

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