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Posted by Ilma on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at 10:45am.

Hello. I need some grammar and lexical help.
1)Is it possible to use the infinitive with "purpose/goal/objective/aim": "the initiative has a purpose/goal to improve the situation"
2)is it possible to say "the visit intends to demonstrate..." (or is "intend" used about people?)
3)is it possible to say "questionable/questioned territory" about disputed territories
4)which is correct,will or would, in the sentence: they belive the countries will/would hardly sign an agreement.
5)are "remain" and "stay" synonyms in the phrase "they remain / stay unshakeable in their position"
6)is it natural to say: "the remarks started criticism"

And one more question please: are such words as "however, nevertheless, though" separated by commas or does it depend on their position in the sentence?
Thank you very, very much for all your help.

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