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an arrow of mass .04 kg is pulled back 10 cm in the bow, having a force of 25.2 N. It is released 1.5m from the far will the arrow fly?
(all of the energy from pulling it back converts into the flying arrow)

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    This problem is missing information.

    If the pull force is constant:
    pulled 0.10 meters * 25.2 = 2.52 Joules
    .5 m u^2 = 2.52 Joules
    solve for u

    however if the bow behaves like a spring

    then average force = 1/2 * max force
    and we get 1.26 Joules

    You do not say which

    If you fire horizontally
    solve vertical problem to find time in air
    (1/2) g t^2 = 1.5 meters
    solve for t
    horizontal distance = u t

    If you fire up at 45 degrees (max range) it is a little more complicated but again solve the vertical problem for time, then do the horizontal problem for distance.

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