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Hello.Will you please help me with a few problems?
1)Which is correct "Germany's 10,000 citizens" or "10,000 of Germany's citizens" or "10,000 Germany's citizens"?
2)Is it possible to say "the visit aspires to (improve)"?
3)Does it sound natural to say "two-side relations" (meaning "bilateral relations" (about countries))?
4)Is it possible to say "Russia has pretensions to / pretend to the islands" instead of "claim the islands"?
5)is it possible to say "reaction on (criticism)" or is it only "to"?
6)Is "this" possible in the context "He signed the contract and this led to" (maybe, it OR that)?
7)Is it possible to use the phrase "on smb's part" in the context "experts, on their part, consider that"

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    1. Does Germany have only 10,000 citizens? I think there are many more than that, right? I'd use "10,000 of Germany's citizens" as the smoothest and most accurate phrasing.

    2. The verb "aspires" needs to have a human as its subject. What is the entire sentence you're trying to write?

    3. Yes, that's fine.

    4. The phrasing "pretentions to" won't work. You could write, "Russia has pretensions of owning the islands..."

    5. "reaction to"

    6. In that sentence you wrote, "this" is a pronoun that has no antecedent. You need to rephrase so that "this" is referring to something specific.

    7. I'd have to see the whole sentence, without guesswork.

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    1) Since Germany has many more than 10,000 citizens, you'd use 10,000 of Germany's citizens.

    2) Your phrasing is o.k. You might also use the purpose of this visit is . . .

    3) No, it's not natural. Stick with "bilateral relations."

    4) No. Use the simplest words: Russia claims the islands.

    5) We say "reaction to."

    6) Yes.

    7) I don't understand what "smb" is.

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