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Posted by Gloria on Monday, December 6, 2010 at 1:30pm.

Assignment for week 5
Given the following information, draw the project network. Compute the early, late and slack times for the project network. which activities are on the critical path have only the start or finish of the activity on the critical path?
ID duration finish to start finish to start additional lag lag
predecessor lag Relationship
A 2 none 0 none 0
B 4 A 0 none 0
C 6 A 0 finish-finish C to F 7
D 8 A 0 none 0
E 18 B 0 finish-finish E & G 9
C 10
F 2 D 0 none
G 5 F 0 Start-start G to H 10
H 5 None 0 none
I 14 E 0 Finish-finish I to J 5
J 15 G,H 0 none 0

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