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Someone please help me not sure if I even know what I am doing with any of this.

write the following ratios in simplest form 5 3/5 to 2 1/10 5 3/5 2 1/10 x 100/100 = 8/20 = 2/5

the ratio of 7 dimes to 3 quarters
7/3 x 100/100 = 700/300 = 175/75

solve the following applications

an algebra class has 7 men and 13 women. write the ratio of women to men. 7 men 13 women x 100/100 = 700/1300= 175/325

Marc took 3 hours to mow a lawn while Angelina took 150 minutes to mow the same lawn a week earlier. Write the ratio of Marc time to Angelina time as a ratio whole numbers. 3h/150 min. x 100/100 = 300/15,000 = 75/ 1875

find the rate 240 pounds of fertilizer/ 6 lawns.
240/6 x 100/1= 24000/6= 4000

which is the better buy 5lb of sugar $4.75 or 20lb for $19.92?

4.75/5x100/1=475/5=95 19.92/20x100/1= 19.922/20=0.996

write the proportion that is equivalent to given statement
If Maria hit 8 home runs in 15 softball games, then she should hit 24 home runs in 45 games.
8/15 x 24/45 = 360

determine whether each pair of fraction is proportional.
5/8 x 75/120 = 600/600

determine if the given rates are equivalent.

12 gallons of paint/8,329 ft2 ? 9 gallons of paint/ 1,240 ft2 = not equivalent.

A store has t-shirts on sale 2 for $5.50. at this rate how much does 5 t-shirts cost?
$5.50/5 = $1.10

assume a 150lb person.
if a person jogs at a rate of 5 1/2mi/h
for 3 1/2h in a week, how many calories do they burn? 60

if a person runs in place for 15 minutes, how many calories will be burned? 9,750

if a person cross country skis for 35 minutes, how many calories will be burned? 24,500

how many hours would a person have to jump rope in order to lose 1 pound? (assume calorie consumption is just enough to maintain weight, with no activity.) 750

heavier people burn more calories (for the same activity), and lighter people burn fewer. In fact, you can calculate similar figures for burning calories by setting up the appropriate proportions.

at what rate would a 120lb person burn calories while bicycling at 12mi/h? 1,440

at what rate would a 180lb person burn calories while bicycling at 12 mi/h? 2,160

how many hours of jogging at 5 1/2 mi/h would be needed for a 200lb person to lose 5lb? (again assume calorie consumption is just enough to maintain weight with no activity.) 500

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