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US History

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The Government and churches have demoralized, dehumanized massacred , robbed, raped, promised, made treaty?
after treaty, and lied to us ... We must now destroy this political machine that man has built to prevent us from self-determination. " by Dennis Banks

1)In this speech, Which of the following was one of the (AIM's )American Indian Movement's goal expressed by Dennis Banks? a) join the governement b) to make no changes to Native American lifestyles c) to make radical changes in order to gain self determination d) to enter into a new treaty with the government

2) How did Banks suggest that AIM achive its goal ? a) through peaceful demonstration b) by destroying the political machine built by the government and churches c) by joining churches d) by ignoring the problem

3) Do you think Bank's speech would have been successful at persuading other people to join AIIM in their efforts? Explain why or why not..

3)No. Brother Banks should have known that his proposal for violent revolution would serve, not to inspire the Native Nations, but to divide and marginalize them, just as before. While he did have valid points, his militant stance turned most of the People off.

The Nations have a common complaint: a long history of being lied to and robbed by the European invaders. But they're also very, very's still difficult for an Oneida on Native land in upstate New York to see eye to eye with an Apache in northern New Mexico on enough issues to permit the formation of what's really needed - a truly united Indian political party that includes all tribes and family groups from the Wampanoags of the far eastern sections of New England to the Inuit of Alaska's extreme western islands.

is this correct..?

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    I agree with your answers.

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