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English-No Country For Old Men

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I have an essay to write but I need some help on this question. "Comment on both Sheriff Bell's and Moss's wives. How are they alike? What is your opinion of them? What do you learn about each woman's relationship with their husband because they are placed in juxtaposition to each other?

This problem is difficult to me because even though I have read the book I feel like these questions are not important in the context of the book.

Thank You.

  • English-No Country For Old Men -

    They may not be important for the book's plot, but I'm sure your teacher has a good reason for making this assignment.

    I suggest you go back through the book, making notes about anything said about these women. You'll probably find similarities and differences between their attitudes and personalities.

  • English-No Country For Old Men -

    Everything an author puts into his/her published work is important!! If it were unimportant, it would have been edited out long before it reached the printer!

    I haven't read this work, but I've found that minor characters are often used like this to help develop the major characters. It's a good assignment. Give it your best shot!

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