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Posted by queen on Sunday, December 5, 2010 at 10:30am.

Write a paragraph, using several sentences, to describe a recent interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards. This interaction may be imagined or real.
·Use at least five different pronouns in your sentences.
·Identify all pronouns used by bolding them.
please review my answer, do I have all five different pronouns? are the sentence grammatically error free/ Please help me.

I recently had a discussion with my girl friend about my decision to purchase a house and why
I would like to keep my personal financial details private from my agent because he is a family friend even though I want him to still get my business. Perhaps I could have him handle the contract only. She open my eye as to what my rights are: "She said it depends upon the state. Most do not allow the information to be shared.

A pet peeve of mine she said: Some Realtors will not show you a property until they have pulled your credit report. This was more common when the market was hot, but there are still a few out there that want to pull your credit. There is no reason for this. If a Realtor tells you this, run. As you are running, turn around and call the Realtor every name you can think of, and make it very clear that you are walking out the door because of this unethical practice. Loudly. So everyone else around can hear.

Showing you properties is not a "credit decision," so the credit report is not required.

When you talk to your loan officer, put it in writing that you do not want your financial information shared with the Realtor. One way to safeguard this is to choose your own loan origination company rather than using the person your Realtor tells you to use. Go to your bank or credit union, get pre-approved, and then control the relationship between you and the loan officer.

Don't treat purchasing the home and arranging the financing as one interlocked transaction. Treat it as two different transactions.

It's like buying shoes and socks. They work together, but most people purchase them individually.

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