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College physics-oscillations

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A ball is attached by two spring as shown [vvvOvvv]. If the mass is displaced a distance â–³x BELOW the equilibrium position h (see figure A). Determine whether vertical SHM is possible for the system shown.If so, find the natural frequency.
[Assume that the vertical extension â–³x is small compared with the extended length d' of the spring and (1+a)^-b is close to 1-ab if a is small.]

(Figure A,it shows where d, h, â–³x are located)

▏╲□□□╱▕ ̄|

  • College physics-oscillations -

    hey, anyone help???? This is the most difficult question in my assignment and i need to hand in on monday!!!!!!!!!

  • College physics-oscillations -

    By Newton's 2nd law, you'll get a=-(m/k)â–³x
    Therefore w=(m/k)^(1/2)

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