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A sample of gas confined in a cylinder with a movable piston is kept at constant pressure. The volume of the gas doubles when the temperature of the gas is changed from

a. 200. K to 400. K
b. 200. C to 400. C

How do you know if it's kelvin or celsius?
k= c + 273, by the way.

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    You solve the problem which ALWAYS comes out in Kelvin because you may use ONLY Kelvin in the solution. The volume doubles when the Kelvin T doubles and is halved when the Kelvin T is halved.
    Doubling the celsius, by the way, will NOT double the volume and you can prove that by the following:
    Suppose we let V1 = 10 mL, then
    (V1/T1) = (V2/T2)
    (10/20 K) = (V2/40 K)
    V2 = 10mL*(40/20 = 20 mL (double T doubles V) BUT
    from 20 celsius to 40 celsius is from 293 K to 313 K and
    (10/293) = (V2/313)
    V2 = 10 mL*(313/293) = 10.7 mL. See. Not even close.

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