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Posted by Ivy on Saturday, December 4, 2010 at 5:46pm.

1. If 25 grams of Iron (III) hydroxide is dissolved in a 500mL volumetric flask, what is the Molarity of the solution?

2. An unknown metal has a volume of 5.25 mL and a density 2.71 g/mL. What is
the weight of the metal in grams?

3. An unknown metal, heated to an unknown temperature until a liquid is dropped into a calorimeter that has 250 ml of water. The water heats up from 22 degrees Celcius to 29 degrees Celcius, at which point the temperature of the water and metal are equal. How much energy in Kilojoules did the metal release?

4. After subtracting the weight of the container, the Vanadium metal inside is
found to weigh 8.34 grams. After reacting with Oxygen the newly formed
compound weighs 21.43 grams. What is the empirical formula?

5. A 19.18 mL of 0.125 M Oxalic Acid (H2C2O42H2O) is titrated with a Ca (OH)2 solution. The initial volume of Ca(OH)2 was 14.38 and the final volume of Ca(OH)2 was 28.29 mL when the solution turned very slightly pink. What is the concentration of Ca (OH)2?

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