March 26, 2017

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Car A, with mass of 1735kg, was traveling north at 45.5km/h and car B, with a mass of 2540kg, was traveling west at 37.7km/h when they collided at an intersection. if the cars stuck together after the collision, what was their combined momentum? Was the collision elastic or inelastic?

I get the angle N39.5W however i do not get the combined momentum...

  • Physics - Collision in teo dimensions(check + help - ,

    I will be happy to critique your thinking. If the angle is right, then V must be right. The trick is that change in momentum is a vector(momentumafter-momentum before).

  • Physics - Collision in teo dimensions(check + help - ,

    I realized my mistake, i was only finding the resultant for the velocity, not the momentum together, if i do not convert km/h into m/s i get the momentum as 1.24*10^5

    is that correct?

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