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College Chemistry-Please

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*Only need input not doing it for me. PLEASE
QUESTION: Some hydrocarbon fuels have sulfur present and contribute to air pollution. When this solid sulfur is burned in the presence of oxygen, the noxious, toxic gas sulfur dioxide results. If there is .50 grams of sulfur and 1.50 grams of oxygen in each tank of gasoline, calculate the volume of sulfur dioxide gas that will be expelled into the atmosphere per each tank of gasoline at STP.

Ok so using STP I would use values of R=.0821 P=1 atm and T=273.15K???
Is the formula that I would use be PV=nRT????
I would covert Grams into moles using atomic weight?
Would I use the atomic weight of one O molecule or do I use the atomic weight of two O molecules?
When I came up with the calculations of my formula, is then the answer in atm?

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    It does not matter how much oxygen is in the tank, the SO2 is formed from S in the tank and O in the atmosphere.

    Each mole of S (32 g) will form 1 mole of SO2, with a mass of 64 g. Thus one g of SO2 will be formed from 0.5 g of S. That is 1/64 mole of SO2.

    Since each mole at STP occupies 22.4 l, you will make 22.4/64 = 0.35 liters of SO2.

    You should get the same result using
    V = nRT/P , if you use the right R value, P, and T, with 1/64 mole.

    Your answer will be in liters, not atm.

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