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A paraglider is flying horizontally at a constant speed. Assume that only two forces act on it in the vertical direction, its weight and a vertical lift force exerted on its wings by the air. The lift force has a magnitude of 1900 N. For both questions, take the upward direction to be the +y direction.
If the lift force should suddenly decrease to 1000 N, what would be the vertical acceleration of the glider

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    1900 N must be the weight, since it flies horizontally with that lift force. The mass must be 1900 N/g = 193.9 kg

    The presumably includes the weight of the person flying the paraglider.

    With a lift force of 1000 N, there is a net downward force of 900 N. The acceleration would be
    F/m = 900 N/(1900 N/g) = (9/19)*g
    = 4.64 m/s^2

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