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Chemistry 111

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A gas occupies a volume of 256mL at a pressure of 250torr at 32 degrees Celsius. Calculate the pressure (in atmosphere)if the volume is reduced to 156mL and the temp is increased to 62 degrees Celsius. I really need the formula that I would be using. I am confused because using PV=nRT there is no moles being given here.
I surely would appreciate it. THanks!

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    Two ways to do it.
    Use PV = nRT for the first set of conditions and solve for n, then redo PV = nRT, use the n from above and the new conditions, and solve for pressure.

    Second way is to use
    (P1V1/T1) = (P2V2/T2)
    The second way is a little shorter since you cut out the solving for n step.

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    Thanks! I knew the formula but wasn't quite sure if i convert mL to L in the formula. I know that I must covert C to K and Torr to Atm for the equation.

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