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Kira has feet of fencing. She will use it to form three sides of a rectangular garden. The fourth side will be along a house and will not need fencing. For the area of the garden to be the maximum, how long should the side opposite the house be?

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    You failed to indicate how many feet of fencing Kira has.

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    let the perimeter be P, where P is a constant
    let the length be y and the width be x
    2x + y = P
    y = P - 2x

    Area = xy
    = x(P-2x) - Px - 2x^2

    d(area)/dx = P - 4x
    = 0 for a maximum area
    4x = P
    x = P/4
    y = P - P/2 = P/2

    So the long side should be half the perimeter, and the short side whould be a quarter of the perimeter.

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    i need help with my math homework

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    if the perimeter of a rectangle is 184cm and the width is 39cm calculate its length

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