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Each ordered pair is a solution of a direct variation. Write the equation of direct variation.

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    A direct variation is such that the ratio of y/x is always constant (but x≠0).

    For example, the line
    L: y=2x is a direct variation.
    Points on the line could be (1,2),(2,4),(5,10), noting that the ratio x/y is always 1/2. Consequently, the line passes through origin.

    The general equation of a direct variation is y=mx.

    Given an ordered pair where x≠0 and y≠0, we can find m by substituting x and y into the general equation.

    For example, for the point (2,10), we put 10=m(2), solving gives m=10/2=5.
    The equation of the direct variation is therefore:

    I will leave the rest to you as an exercise.

  • Algebra -

    (x,8) and (6,-16) can you give me the answer that's all I need thanks

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