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Homework Help: Emglish

Posted by Franco on Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 5:35pm.

Can you help me check these sentences,please? Thank you.

1)Briefly outline the main features of Wordsworth's poetry as stated in his "Preface to the Second Edition of Lyrical Ballads".
2)Answer three out of the following four questions. For each question write ten lines only. Do not exceed the space provided.
3)If you arrive late for classes, your parents have to fill in (?) an excuse slip (?) motivating your delay.
4)The English Renaissance covers the historical period from 1509, the year in which Henry VIII ascended the throne, to 1660, that is to say, the beginning of the Restoration.
5)The English Renaissance developed later than in its European equivalents and had a strong Protestant and puritan basis. Unlike the Italian Renaissance, it was less connected with the visual arts.
6)From a literary point of view, the main event of the period was a revival of (the)interest in classical culture, which goes under the name of Humanism or the New Learning.
7)The study (??) of classical literature (humanism) was established in Grammar Schools all over the country and in the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.
8)It encouraged the confidence in the power of human reason to interpret man and nature, in the dignity of literature as an instrument of reason and in modern English as a literary medium. (I need to simplify this sentence):

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