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A 100-g aluminum calorimeter contains a mixture of 40 g of ice and 200 g of water at equilibrium. A copper cylinder of mass 300 g is heated to 350 C and then dropped into the calorimeter. What is the final temperature of the calorimeter and its contents if no heat is lost to the surroundings?

specific heat of water = 1.00 cal/g·C specific heat of aluminum = 0.22 cal/g·C
specific heat of copper = 0.093 cal/g·C heat of fusion of water = 79.7 cal/g

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    Assume all the heat lost by the copper is gained by the water, ice and aluminum.

    In general, one can either assume all the ice melts and solve for final T, or that some ice remains (at 0 C final T) and solve for the amount that melts. Only one assumption will give a meaningful result. There is more than enough mass of Cu to melt all the ice in this case.

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    20 C

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