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Two speakers 14m apart are emitting tones at a frequency of 1020 Hz. what is the closest distance (in m) from one speaker, along the line connecting the speakers, at which the sound intensity will be zero?

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    The closest point?
    let a be the distance, so 14-a is the other distance.

    Now to be zero amplitude, these two waves have to be 1/2 Lambda different.

    Lambda= 340m/1020=.333m
    lambda/2= .167m

    well, (14-a)/.167-.5=a/.167


    checking this (I don't believe it)
    6.958/.167=41.66 half wavelengths
    (14-6.958)/.167=42.17 half wavelengths

    the difference is indeed half wavelength.

    check my work, I am still wondering.

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