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right triangle ABC with right angle C, AC=22 and BC=6, altitude CD where D is on hypotenuse AB. What is the ratio of the area of triangle ADC to the area of triangle CDB? Write ratio as n:1 and round n to the nearest hundredth.

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    Mark you similar triangles filling in all given information
    I see
    triangle ADC similar to
    triangle CDB

    The ratio of areas of two triangles is equal to the squares on their corresponding sides.

    Triangle ADC : triangle CDB = (CA)^2 : (BC)^2
    = 22^2 : 6^2
    = 484 : 36
    = 121 : 9
    or (121/9) : 1

    n = 121/9 or 13 4/9 or 13.44444.....

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