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If 0.0900 g of a metal, M, reacts with excess hydrochloric acid to form 5.00*10(exp.)-3 moles of hydrogen gas and a solution of MCl(subscript)3. Calculate the molar mass of metal, M and identify it. The unbalanced equation is: M(s)+ HCl(aq) =>MCl(sub.)3 + H(sub)2.

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    Balance the equation.
    2M + 6HCl ==> 2MCl3 + 3H2

    Convert moles H2 to moles M using the coefficients in the balanced equation.
    0.0053 moles H2 x (2 moles M/3 moles H2) = 0.0053*(2/3) = 0.003333

    moles = grams/molar mass and rearrange to
    molar mass = grams/moles. You have grams in the problerm (0.0900 g) and moles from the calculation; solve for molar mass, then look on the periodic table to find a metal with that atomic mass.

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