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math urgent

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a motorboat takes 4 hrs to travel 256 miles going upstream. the return trip takes 2 hours going down stream. what is the rate of the boat in still water and what is the rate current.

rate of the boat in still water=mi/hr
rate of the current=mi/hr

  • math urgent -

    rate in still water --- x mph
    raate of current ---- y mph

    #1: 4(x-y) = 256
    x-y = 64

    #2: 2(x+y) = 256
    x+y = 128

    add them .....

    I will let you finish, let me know what you get.

    (BTW, the rates seem very unreasonable as you will see)

  • math urgent -

    8...? not sure..

  • math urgent -

    96...? ahah..
    still unsure.

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