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At my son’s very first softball game his team did not do very well. No one seemed to be able to hit the ball or run the bases when they were up to bat. When they were in the field they would either run from the ball or be nowhere near it when they attempted to catch it. The team they were playing against was very good. When they were up to bat it was rare for one player to miss the ball and when they hit it they ran as fast as they could. In the field someone almost always caught the ball if it was hit or they got the ball to first base before the runner did. By the end of the game boys on my son’s team were worn out and sad. The game ended with a score of 84 to 6, they did not feel good about themselves at all and most of them wanted to quit right then.

I am having the worst time figuring out where at least five adverbs are and where five adjectives are. Is the above a bad paragraph to use to do this?

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    An adjective modifies a noun or pronoun and gives more information about it.

    An adverb can modiify a verb, adjective, clause, another adverb.


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    Click on Adjective and read/study how to learn to recognize adjectives. Then do the same with Adverb.

    Then let us know what you discover. You should have no trouble finding at least five of each in that paragraph.

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